Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomorrow, a Tea Party!

Our dear SoCal pal (& Robert Frost’s Banjo special correspondent from LaLa land) Audrey Bilger is on sabbatical, & we say “yay” for that! & we especially say yay because it appears Audrey may be contributing to the blog more frequently, & that’s just great news. Tomorrow we’ll begin a two-part feature by Audrey, titled Way Before the “F” Word: An Early Feminist Tea Party; the feature will conclude on Friday. Be sure not to miss this very chic party where you’ll have a chance to rub elbows with Mary Wollstonecraft, Aphra Behn, Christine de Pizan & Catherine Moorland (among others). What an affair!

In other news: especially to our friends in the UK: please keep an eye on the gig schedule of the fantastic banjo duo Blueflint; sounds like their upcoming cd should be out soon as well. These women & their pals play some fantastic music, so if you have a chance, please do check them out!

Also: a better-late-than never announcement: fans of our Musical Questions series will no doubt remember the interview with Earl Butter of the legendary San Francisco cowpunk band, the Buckets. Earl & friends have recently released a cd of music recorded in 2002; the album is called Sod, & you, too, can own a copy by traveling to CDBaby. The Buckets are a fantastic band, so you won’t be sorry. In the meantime, here are a couple of videos of classic Buckets in all their raucous glory—June 25, 1994 at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco (I was there). Please note Wanderlean Taters (AKA Carrie Bradley) also of Robert Frost’s Banjo Musical Questions fame.

Oh, yes
—the next Moon, June, Spoon entry will be up Saturday afternoon. Please stay tuned!

Pic: Eberle & Audrey & friends at the Magic Kingdom, March 08


  1. I'll be back for a cuppa tomorrow!


    P.S. I found something interesting for your Moon,June, Spoon post (below).

    Currently listening to Billie Holiday's version of "I Wished On The Moon" (YouTube).

  2. Looking forward to the tea party, will I bring a tea bag? great music from 'The Buckets ' I was going to say they're a real tight trio till the camera panned out and there was five of them!Love the fiddle playing and great harmonies. As for your T party post John, Perhaps you should recommend people NOT to miss it.As someone who regularly leaves things out, can't spell, knows nothing of grammar or punctuation, it's a bit galling how good i am at spotting other peoples oversights.I should see to the plank in my eye before all else's splinters -or perhaps be a proof reader!

  3. Hi Kat & TFE:

    Kat: We'll see you then! & yes, I see you've done some moon exploration as 'twere! Isn't "I Wished on the Moon" a fantastic song?

    TFE: Oops-- thanks for catching that (now corrected thanks to you)! You may be a creative speller, but so were Shakespeare & Ben Jonson & all those folks. It really wasn't until later on that spelling became regularized-- some blame it on Dr Sam Johnson & his dictionary. Totally with you on the Buckets-- what a great band!

  4. Very chic party? I'll be there! :)

  5. Hi Willow:

    We'll reserve you a spot!

  6. Will this be anything like a Tea Bag Party?

  7. Hi K:

    No! But I'll tell you, when I searched Wiki Commons for "tea party" (looking for images of same) I was appalled to see how many of those parties are memorialized there.


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