Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dad’s Photos #9.1 – The Rest of the Zeppelin Nightclub Story

Some of the remarkable things about blogging have come out in my posts of my Dad’s photos from the 30s. First, I’m very happy that people from many places have seen his images, & it really makes my heart glad to see the comments they’ve received. My father didn’t understand computer technology very much—he had plenty of smarts, but it was past his time, so to speak, & I think he would have marveled at people from far & wide being able to see this pictures.

Another wonderful thing about blogging, of course, is both the community & online friendships it can build. In that sense, I’m so gratified that Jacqueline T. Lynch of New England Travels (a fantastic blog, & one you really should check out) took the time to research a question that came up about the most recent Dad’s Photos post—namely: what was the story behind the zeppelin nightclub “outside Springfield, Mass,” as my father said in his caption, before he observed, “All that goes up is prices”?

Jacqueline left the following answer in the comments on that post: “Your zeppelin-shaped nightclub was ‘Toto's Zeppelin Nightclub’ located not in Springfield, but across the river in Holyoke.” But she went one better, because she added a full post about the nightclub on New England Travels today—the link is right here.

Thanks a lot Jacqueline, & hope any folks who had questions (or who are curious now) head over to New England Travels to get “the rest of the story.”


  1. Amazing! Not only is it a great photo, but such a unique place.

  2. What a cool place! They don't make 'em like THAT any more.

    We used to go to a restaurant on route home from a dance-club. It was called the Satellite Diner and it was round with huge sun-dial like protrusions on the roof. They made onion rings that were literally "out of this world".

    I'll check out the links. Thanks.


  3. Hi Willow & Kat:

    Willow: Yes, unique & quite a story behind it.

    Kat: They sure don't make 'em like that! Your Satellite Diner sounds pretty cool tho.

  4. John, I was very interested in the photo when you first posted it. The rest of the story was very intriguing, so much so that I called my husband and son up and shared it with them. Then I decided to click on her link of the Hindenburg film with the radio announcer's dubbed audio. I choked and cried. My family thinks I'm a basket case, but I have not been so desensitized by this world that the horror rolls off of me. That aside, I think it is just so wonderful that she was able to give us so much background and history on the Zepplin Nightclub.

  5. Very glad to tag-team with you on this one, John. This was fun.

  6. Hi Dragonfly Dreamer & Jacqueline:

    Dragonfly Dreamer: Glad you were interested in the pic, & thanks for checking out Jacqueline's site. She invariably has interesting posts!

    speaking of which:
    Jacqueline: Yes, yes, it was fun & very much appreciated. Thanks again!

  7. I was one of the curious ones and am now going over to Jacqueline's site to read her post. Yay!

  8. Hi Raquelle:

    Jacqueline found some great info-- I think you'll like it.

  9. I was reminded of a fantastic scheme of the archigram architect's group: the British Museum that was in fact a Zeppelin that could unfold when it landed, becoming a museum. It would truly be a "British Museum" as it would not be based in London and would fly all over the country. This one, presumably, never left the ground!

  10. Hi Dominic: Now that's an interesting story. What a concept for a museum. Sorry to be so late in responding-- have had an insanely busy day!


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