Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

A big Robert Frost’s Banjo birthday greeting to my big sister, Naomi Rosenberg! Naomi & her husband Morty make up the core of the eastern contigent along with my niece Jessie & nephew Ethan & of course, my mom. Naomi & Morty have lived & worked in the Boston area since their days at Boston University back in the 1960s, & I think of my sister as a New Englander at heart—perhaps as much as I’m a wanderer thru the country at heart.

My sister & I are different in vocation, too. She is a successful scientist & a college dean, while I’ve been a bit of the dreamer & artist (or perhaps add an “e” to the end of that?) Of course, Naomi was an accomplished pianist in her day & also still plays some classical guitar, so she & her kids (both adults now), who play violin & cello, et al. also have the music thing going, & she’s been an enthusiastic supporter of Eberle & my music projects, especially the silent film scores.

So, happy birthday, Naomi, & many happy returns from us out here in the Big Sky country!

Pic shows Naomi & I out here in Idaho several years back.


  1. Please tell Naomi Happy Birthday from Canada.

  2. Thanks for coming by to visit the Raisin Chronicles! I'm fascinated by the mention of the Rootabaga Stories in your profile -- we had a copy of that when I was a kid. I don't remember much about it, just the royal blue cover and that it had poems and stories in it. Hmm. May have to look for it at the library....

  3. Birthday Greetings From Yorkshire.

  4. Happy Birthday to Naomi from the Ontario, Canada contingent.


  5. Hi Sandra, Jeanne, Tony & Kat:

    Thanks for all your good wishes! Jeanne: I enjoyed the Raisin Chronicles & will be back soon. My wife Eberle Umbach & I did background music for a local theater production of Rootabaga Stories & we just love those books.

  6. Love that picture. birthday blessings and summer solstice~

  7. Happy B-day indeed. Naomi is a wonderful name. That is my oldest daughter's name also

    Hey John
    thanks for all the visits and comments. I rally appreciate it.


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