Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Few More Foldout Postcard Sonnets - 6/13

Here’s the next in sequence from my 1996 sonnets. Hope you enjoy it. This afternoon: Moon June Spoon #3!


A black umbrella wobbling above blue yellow &
purple gingerbread houses thru sheets of
rain with its maple sap half life & an avenue meantime menaced by
black rotary phones & princess phones & the stained

glass doors guarded by dachshunds with
bobbing heads & the only fish that swim past Marlowe sport
big black dew laps like Jerry Lewis bow ties tho
Marlowe feels like a kite doing the deadman’s float tho

Nantucket is pretty far off still &
Maggie’s flickering there like a lovely black haired candle a
smattering of black-eyed Susans blooming across her

black scuffed combat boots tho as usual she’s a
concertina exuding Nino Rota
tho the wedding got rained out in the 2nd inning

John Hayes
© 1996-2009


  1. Kind of like Stevens' "Sea surface full of Clouds" in its tentative and provisional (untrustworthy?) weather.

  2. "Maggie's flickering there like a lovely black-haired candle" is a line that stops my heart. I feel a sadness around the edges of this, the blacks against the brightnesses, the far-off, the rained out, the tho tho tho.... I like that. :)

  3. Hi ArtSparker & René

    ArtSparker: That's one of my all-time favorite poems-- yes, probably untrustworthy. Thanks!

    René: Yes, there's a lot of sadness around this one & the ones to follow. Glad you liked it!

  4. You have shared so much of your life during that prolific time with all of us. Thanks so much for your generosity and willingness to let us look back through time to that life you lived then. Wow.

  5. Ireally like it ,John,i can't claim to understand it beyond the black and the sadness, but that's never been a barrier to the appreciation of craft and the enjoyment of words so well chosen they shine like beads on a bracelet.

  6. Nino Rota - "A Time For Us"?

    I enjoyed the "black rotary phones & princess phones" and the "dachsunds with bobbing heads" I feel as if I've walked onto 1940s movie set for, "Dial M for Murder" or somesuch. Always a fascinating journey with these, John.

    I'm sorry, I must have missed the information that you were feeling under the weather. I do hope you're up to snuff now (what DOES that mean)?

    I won't be "officially" participating in tomorrow's Original Poetry Sunday as I will be off mingling with the mules and their pals tomorrow for Donkey Day. I hope to take some photos and post them (and who knows...maybe a poem will creep in there).

    I do have a post up currently that may suffice, since it IS original. I worked out the podcasting and it's clear as a bell.


  7. Hi Reya & TFE & Kat:

    Reya: It has been very good for me to be able to share this material, & the response to it has just been great! Thanks.

    TFE: Thanks! The beads on a bracelet line is really nice; glad you like it so well.

    Kat: No, I was thinking of his darker stuff, particularly his themes from the Godfather movies, because I think that's just excellent music-- also his music from La Dolce Vita.

    I liked your poem today (commented on your place-- & happy anniversary!) & you bet it counts as far as I'm concerned. The podcast sounded very good. I'm intrigued by podomatic.

  8. I like it too, John - and I relate especially to "Marlowe feels like a kite doing the deadman’s float". Great imagery.

  9. Love the Godfather music...and the films.


  10. Hi Sandra:

    Thanks-- yes, perhaps we've all felt that way! Glad you liked it.

    Hi Kat:

    It's great & fun to play!


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