Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nightingales in a Stateside Zoo

At some point last week I promised an announcement about Jack Hayes’ poetry—Jack Hayes equals yours truly, at least in the poeticizing world in case you didn’t know.  In any case, the announcement never materialized.

A transporter accident, as on one of the Star Trek shows?  Not exactly: in fact, I’m here with the announcement today, & that’s to let you all know that there is a new blog in the little Robert Frost’s Banjo solar system, & it’s called Nightingales in a Stateside Zoo.  Regular readers know that I self-published three books of poetry in 2010: The Spring Ghazals (poems from 2008-2010 written in Idaho), The Days of Wine & Roses (poems from 1990-1996 written in San Francisco) & Nightingales in a Stateside Zoo (poems written from 1984-1989 written in Charlottesville, Virginia.)  All three of the books are available at here.

Both The Spring Ghazals & The Days of Wine & Roses have been provided with dedicated blogs where all the content has been reproduced gratis.  For some time I’ve debated whether or not to do the same for Nightingales in a Stateside Zoo, & have finally decided the answer is “yes.”  While I believe the poems in the later books are more accomplished, I also believe the Charlottesville poems have their own strengths, & a number of people still like them.  I hope some of you will enjoy them too!

Poems will post on Nightingales in a Stateside Zoo each Wednesday & Saturday morning until all 36 poems in the book have appeared
(today's post is the exception that proves the rule, or something to that effect) , at which point the blog will become archival, as is the case with my other two poetry blogs—still available for reading, but with no further scheduled content.  There are two poems in the collection that are quite long, but I’m not getting into the business of serializing poetry.  They’ll post as complete poems & folks can wade in or not as their fancy takes them.

The first poem is titled "Aubade," & was written in 1987.  You can read it & also read a brief introduction to the blog at this link.

Have a happy Thursday, & hope you enjoy Nightingales in a Stateside Zoo.


  1. I was only dusting my bookshelves the other day and came across "The Days of Wine And Roses". Hopping over to the new blog to take a look.

  2. Hi Alan: Thanks so much! The thought of The Days & Wine & Roses on your bookshelf makes me happy--hope you like the even older poems on the even newer blog!


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