Tuesday, November 8, 2011

“i measure my depth in centimeters….”

[I love this poem by Barbie Angell, with a persona who's a latter day female Chaplin, forlorn & funny & surreal.  Please remember to leave a laugh in payment!]

i measure my depth in centimeters….

sometimes i’m as deep as a puddle
and can’t fathom the fathoms you feel.
i’m the wittiest one in the huddle
but none of the ad-libs are real.

the names are all changed to protect me
from the youth that i gave up for lent.
and while it’s designed to deflect you,
the laughs that you pay are not spent.

they’re saved up for when i am lonely.
they’re stored up in brown, paper sacks.
and until i am my “one and only,”
i can barely afford the steep tax.

so i go out to bars in the evenings
and i banter with wit and small puns
’cause i know that the laughs you are leaving
will help when i get low on funds.

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2010-present


  1. Excellent and worthy of the laugh tax I have willingly paid. If only paying tax was always this pleasant.

  2. Hi Alan: Thanks! Yes, that is most willingly paid by me too!

  3. thank you alan. : ) i'm glad the tax was willingly paid.

    and thank you too john. : )


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