Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8.75 Lives

The title refers to my old computer, which I recently referred to as the electronic equivalent of a '79 Pacer with rebuilt engine.  It apparently died the other day, but has since come back like the proverbial cat—& died again—& come back again.  Right now, I'm thinking of the machine more as a zombie than a cat, but if it is feline, I fear it's on life 8.75 at least.

I was using an old Compaq Presario laptop (which I described as a 79 AMC Gremlin, but with the original engine), but it turned out not to be a viable option—long story.  So what's the upshot for Robert Frost's Banjo?  

The good news is that even in the worst case, I'm pretty confident the blog will continue without many interruptions.  Eberle has a computer that I can use regularly enough to keep a regular post schedule.  However, depending on how things go with this machine, I may be more absent than usual on other blogs & social media.

The sad fact is I don't have money to replace the machine at least for a matter of weeks, so fingers crossed!  Hope to have a post up tomorrow, & there will definitely be a post on Friday!

P.S. It appears I spoke too soon, & that the final .25 life was used up shortly after this was posted.  I'm trying to make the laptop work, but one way or another, Robert Frost's Banjo will keep on keeping on!


  1. I've had similar adventures with computers. It gives the phrase "Ghost in the machine" a whole new meaning!

  2. Hi Doug: True--& it looks as tho the .25 life has been used. Back to the laptop & trying to make it work.

  3. Ouch! Well, at least you have Eberle's to fall back on.

  4. Sad when an old friend gets into a state like that, but it's liable to happen to any of us. Whisper sweet nothings to it as you type. Best of luck to you both.

  5. Our two old pcs used to play dead regularly. Mysteriously, on production of a clawhammer, they would wobble back into life! The Macs are a lot more durable.

  6. Hi Roy, Dave & Dick

    Roy: Yes, things could be a lot worse! Having reliable back up also takes a lot of the sting out of the situation.

    Dave: Duly noted!

    Dick: Yes, I know that's true, but with a budget of $500 (& even that I'm not sure how to lay hands on in any kind of near term future), a Mac is sadly out of the question.


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