Monday, November 8, 2010


A happy Monday to you!  It’s time for this month’s Alice in Wonder Band selection, & I must say this pick was easy—it’s one of Eberle’s songs titled “Novembr’ish.”

In November of 2002, Eberle & I were considering what new material we might have for the Alice in Wonder Band in 2003.  Eberle had the idea of writing show pieces for our two main soloists, Lois Fry on violin & Art Troutner on oboe. 

The piece Eberle wrote for Lois has already been featured; it’s called “The Wind in the Willows,” & it was the Alice in Wonder Band song of the month here on Robert Frost’s Banjo in April—those who are curious can check it out here

But Art’s song was written first, in the month of November—a transitional time in Indian Valley, Idaho—one that can sparkle with a glorious & crisp Indian Summer, or can drag on thru wet & gray drear or can even see an early cold snap & snow.  My memory tells me that November 02 was of the somber variety, & perhaps that’s reflected in the thoughtful & contemplative music.

Like “The Wind in the Willows,” “Novemb’rish” is a trio, with Art on oboe & Eberle & I in supporting roles on the piano & electric bass respectively.  This recording was made in June 2004—& remember, this recording, along with the rest of the Alice in Wonder Band’s Elephant Cloudland cd is available as a free download on Bandcamp right here!

Hope you enjoy the song.


  1. I did enjoy the lovely mellow Novemb'rish song. I just mentioned to WT yesterday that it looks like November, here at the manor.

  2. This is great, John! Very autumnal. It reminds me of some of Roger Eno's (Brian Eno's baby brother) work. And whatever ensemble he puts together always has an oboe and a cello in it.

  3. Hi Willow & Roy

    Willow: Glad you enjoyed it--yes, there is a mellowness to it indeed!

    Roy: Cello & oboe are two of my favorite instruments! Thanks, glad you liked it.

  4. For me, it was more Septembr'ish, because that's our transitional month here. Funny how the oboe is more upbeat than the clarinet...

  5. Hi Peter: I love both the clarinet & the oboe, but there's a certain "purity" of tone when the oboe is played well that can't be beat. Thanks!


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