Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photo of the Week 10/17/10

Bus on Gray's Creek Rd
Indian Valley, Idaho
Saturday, October 16th

Please check out today's post at The Days of Wine & Roses; it's called "Kinder- Und Hausmärchen Without A Nightlight." 

More poetry?  How about a virtual reading at The Spring Ghazals?

Tomorrow on Alcools?  A poem called "Medicine Show" ("Saltimbanques.")

& tomorrow on Robert Frost's Banjo?  This month's Alice in Wonder Band feature song: Eberle's musical setting for one of H.D.'s poems!


  1. it's so brown out there!

    for me, the photo captures such a sense of desolation

    it is very, very colorful here these days!

    happy autumn

  2. Hi Mouse: Thanks--same to you! We don't "do" fall color so much out here; & yes, we have brown from July until the snow falls, which can be any time from late November until mid-December.

  3. Nice shot, John. It looks like someone's made it into their home; I could swear that's a storm door on the front entrance!

  4. Hi Roy: I think you're right. It's on a large ranch--it may have been converted into an outbuilding or bunkhouse at one time; definitely derelict now.

  5. Oh, I covert that bus! My three abiding images here in the UK of the Far West: the 18-wheeler truck, the streamlined diesel loco and the rickety bus.

  6. Hi Dick: I also love the old buses (& semis & trains, too); give me an old school bus & a couple of guitars, & I'm on the road!


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