Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Interview on “everything feeds process”

Happy Wednesday afternoon, everybody. I’m once again intruding on B.N.’s story to bring you more news about my book, The Spring Ghazals. You can read my interview about the book right here on Jessica Fox-Wilson’s blog everything feeds process. Jessica has been so generous with her support of The Spring Ghazals, & I’m very grateful for all her efforts.

I know of one more review that’s slated to appear next week, but I do want to remind everybody that I’d be happy to have more reviews or interviews. It’s not always easy trying to market a self-published book of poetry—actually, if you asked publishers, I think they might say the same for poetry that’s published traditionally—& it sure is great to have help in the process.

You can hear a couple more of the ghazals in the ongoing virtual reading over on The Spring Ghazals blog—just follow this link. Also, I’m happy to announce that you can get the book at a 15% discount (all absorbed by Lulu in case you’re curious) from now thru November 15th—simply by entering coupon code LEAF305 when you checkout—you can read all the details here. Once again, The Spring Ghazals is available on Lulu right here.

Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming….


  1. Good luck with your new book, John. :-)

  2. Hi Linda: Thanks for your kind wishes!

  3. I'm having difficulties getting Lulu to take the money I keep waving at it for a copy of TSG. It's rejecting my password and then failing to provide for a re-setting of it. Strange how invalidating it is to be told in effect that you don't exist. What's it going to be like when there is only electronic identification?

    Re. Lulu, I shall persevere!

  4. Hi Dick: Geez, I'm sorry to hear that, & yes, I really hate that sort of thing. I know Dave King had problems too, but I never was sure exactly what they were. I certainly appreciate your persistance! At a certain point--next month?--TSG will be available on Amazon UK.


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