Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Sporting Goods"

Happy Saturday!  Hope you enjoy today’s offering, which is my translation of a poem by French Surrealist poet Phillipe Soupault.  I made the translation long ago in a country far away—namely, the 1990s in San Francisco.  

In other news: I’m off for a long performance day at the Council Farmer’s Market—last one of the year.  I’ll be playing the equivalent of about three sets of old blues, & will also be backing up good friend & music partner Heather Uebelhoer while she fronts her own set of singer-songwriter covers; the Recording King tricone will have its performance debut during Heather’s set.  Also: stop press!  There’s a new post on Eberle’s blog, Platypuss in Boots!  You can check it out right here.

Have a lovely Saturday!

Sporting Goods

Courageous as a postage stamp
he went his way
fingers gently tapping his palms
to count his steps
his heart red as a wild boar
was beating beating
like a pink and green butterfly
From time to time he'd plant a little satin flag
When he'd walked a long way
he sat down to take his rest and fell asleep
But since that day there've been lots of clouds in the sky
lots of birds in the trees
lots of salt in the sea
There are also lots of other things

Philippe Soupault
translation © 1990-2010 Jack Hayes


  1. time passes
    naps and time
    but sometimes the heart still beats red as a wild boar

    have a fine gig!

  2. Hi Dianne: True enough--thanks for the good wishes!

  3. You must be back at home by now. I hope your gig went well, John. I'm off to see what's going on in Big Bed Land.

  4. Hi Sandra! Wow, great to see you again, & great to see there are new posts on the Turtle! Will be catching up there today.

  5. Courageous as a postage stamp
    I love this opening line - so original and quirky and fun. And the heart beating like a pink and green butterfly is also an amazing image.

  6. Hi HKatz: Yes, those two images it seems are the backdrop for the more mundane imagery & language.


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