Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo of the Week 8/22/10

Sign in Pasture in Donnelly, ID   
Wednesday, August 18th

Please check out today's post at The Days of Wine & Roses; it's the next poem in the A Few More Fold-Out Postcard Sonnets series.


  1. I wonder how long the bridge has been out. That barbed wire fence should jolt you a little to not drive down the road.

  2. Hi LD: I'm thinking that sign's main function is for target practice!

  3. Hmmmm... Looks like that bridge has been out for a while now.

    Nice shot, John; it makes me want to follow that track and at least take a look at what's left of the bridge.

  4. Priceless. I feel just like this sometimes.

  5. There are some interesting visual qualities to this photo. The grass sort of looks like it's painted, and the Bridge Out sign pasted onto the painting... I love the dryness and sunniness of the grass too.

  6. Hi Roy, Willow & HKatz

    Roy: I suspect there is no bridge!

    Willow: Thanks! Glad you liked it.

    HKatz: The grass may look like that because I sharpened the focus slightly in photoshop. But other than that, the scene is completely real!

  7. at least it has no 'Troubled waters' for it to be over!

  8. If the sign weren't there, I'd be thinking Van Gogh.


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