Monday, August 2, 2010

Elephant Cloudland – The Album!

Happy Monday afternoon everybody.  Musical Monday continues, as I’m here with an announcement that’s exciting to both Eberle & me, & I hope will be exciting to some of you, too.  Back in June 2004, our group The Alice in Wonder Band recorded 9 tracks that we intended for use as an album to sell at gigs.  We were generously allowed to use the chapel at Marymount Hermitage—a room with amazing acoustics—& we brought our friend Joshua Housh up from the Bay Area to do the sound.  Dani Leone, whom readers know as L.E. Leone & Sister Exister, accompanied Mr Housh & did a lot of everything to help out.  The Alice in Wonder Band members who participated in the recording were, in addition to Eberle & myself: Deadre Chase, our vocalist; Lois Fry on violin & viola; Art Troutner on oboe, tenor recoder & mandolin; & Bob George on clarinet.

For a variety of reasons, we never did get the tracks mixed in a final way, tho we were happy with the results overall.  Then the band broke up at the end of the year, & while we gave away a handful of copies to family & friends, the project lay dormant.

I’m happy to say that, six years after the fact, the album is finally available!  It’s a free digital download on BandCamp, & you can download either the entire album or individual tracks right here.

There are only 8 tracks on the album as it now exists (tho over 40 minutes of music).  We recorded Billy Taylor’s “Cool & Caressing” that day, but we don’t have rights to this, so I can’t include it.  I also chose to use a live recording of Eberle’s beautiful song “Plum Alley,” since the mixing on the studio recording is in need of serious help & I don’t have the master tracks to work with.

Hope you enjoy it!  & stay tuned, because next Monday I’ll be posting the Alice in Wonder Band song for August, complete with slideshow (of course!)


  1. John, it never ceases to amaze me how much talent there is out there. The Alice in Wonder Band is a classic case in point.

    I remember seeing HEM at the Salisbury Arts Centre some years ago. No one had heard of them and, I for one, was taken aback by that. I believe they have several successful albums out there now.

    More power to Alice!

  2. Hi Martin: The Alice in Wonder Band was a lot of fun, & both Eberle & I (& I hope our ex-bandmates) are very proud of the music we made. I do hope folks decide to download the album. It's free after all!

  3. This is such fun news! Thanks, John! I'm on my way to check it out....

  4. Hi Willow: Thanks for checking it out! We're happy about the music even if the mixing isn't picture perfect--& you can't beat the price!


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