Friday, February 19, 2010

& the Winner Is...

Happy Friday morning again, people! Please check out the video to find out the winner of the Days of Wine & Roses book giveaway! Winner: please send your mailing address to, & you'll receive your signed & inscribed copy.


  1. HKatz is a lucky duck!! Congratulations. (I'm ever soooo jealous)

  2. Hi Willow: Hang in there, & keep an eye on The Days of Wine & Roses blog this weekend!

  3. Yes, congratulations to H Katz! John you look sleepy... have a cuppa java. I'm waiting for mine to drip.

  4. Thank you so very much! (this has been a wonderful way to start off my morning). And once I start reading it I'll be sure to post about it and also spread the word to other people I know who love poetry.
    Now off to write the email...

  5. Hi Lizzy & HKatz

    Lizzy: I'm an early riser, not an early waker!

    HKatz: Congratulations--got your email & will be sending one out today.

  6. Oh, I forgot about it! :(

    -- I thought I told you to throw something at me. ;)


    Will keep an eye out, elsewhere. :)

  7. Hi Ginger: Well, you have another chance--check out Days of Wine & Roses blog for more info today!


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