Monday, February 8, 2010

Tomorrow: L.E. Leone!

Just a quick reminder, dear readers, that tomorrow will be L.E. Leone’s poetical debut at Robert Frost’s Banjo. I’m excited, & I know L.E. (AKA Dani) is too. L.E. Leone’s voice will be a whole new poetic excursion for Banjo readers—quite different from my work or B.N.’s or really any of the poets who pop up here. Do hope you’ll stop by, & if you do, take a moment to say howdy to L.E., who is now I think somewhere in the wilds of Italy.

For those who don’t know: in addition to being an erstwhile chicken farmer, L.E. Leone is also a noted steel pan & baritone uke player—also outstanding on the one-string bass & comb/tissue paper. After stints with some fantastic bands (Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, the Buckets & the Lipsey Mountain Spring Band), L.E. now mostly plays her own compositions solo, & you can check out her cd, Scratch here at CDBaby. But L.E. also is a fiction writer: her most recent collection (reviewed here on the Banjo) is available at Sparkle Street Books. When you add in to the mix the facts that L.E. is an almost unbeatable ping-pong player, a professional nanny, a restaurant reviewer for hire—she writes the Cheap Eats column for the weekly Bay Guardian down there in Baghdad by the Bay—a deep existential philosopher & is proud to change the oil in her car, you get the sense this is a real renaissance gal.

& you’d be right, so check her out, right here, tomorrow morning!


  1. John, It sounds as if I got back just at the right time. Looking forward to reading L.E.'s work - and looking forward to catching up on all my favourite RFB series.

  2. Hi Alan: You've been missed around here! Glad you were able to get away for a holiday, but good to see you back.

  3. Ah, and I like to think I'm multi-talented. But a jet-setting chicken farmer/musician/poet who gets paid for writing, AND has her fiction published?!

    Now I'm jealous. :(

    [Ginger moping off to bed...]


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