Friday, November 6, 2009

Indian Valley in Pix #1

We recently became a two camera couple, as Eberle needed to take over our trusty Canon Elph for a top secret project (I expect you’ll read about it right here in the not-too-distant-future), which meant I had to get a bit of an upgrade—still a point & shoot, but one with a lot more features, including considerably more zoom, a Canon PowerShot. As a result I’ve been taking pix like mad, & over the past few days I’ve shot a bit of a “documentary” of Indian Valley. I’ll be sharing those photos here on Fridays this month.

Our house stands a few miles north of the village proper, & we’re beginning with photos taken just north of the village itself. Future installments will take us into the village, then down a few side roads, & eventually bring us back toward “our neck of the woods.” Enjoy!

The pic at the top of the post shows some large hay barns & quonset storage buildings from one of the valley’s larger ranches. The pipe at the front of the photo is for irrigation water.

An array of irrigation equipment; note the blackened hillside to the right—caused by a cigarette tossed from a car. Verbum sapientis satis est!

A white "beef" as the local ranchers affectionately term their cattle

Dilapidated outbuilding with newish John Deere tractor

Crossing one of the many creeks (pronounced “cricks” locally) that flow thru the valley

Abandoned equipment: not an uncommon sight

These are on a lot filled with everything from railroad ties to flatbed trailers; the item to the left is used for spraying weeds

Another view of the same lot

Dunham Dairy: not a going concern. Most of the ranching out here is beef cattle, with some sheep ranching. Dairy cattle are uncommon

Big hay bales, with snowcapped Indian Mountain in the background


  1. I have a Canon PowerShot, too. It's a great little camera, isn't it? Nice pics.

    I have Dunham family in my lineage. Wonder if they are distant cousins?

  2. Thanks Willow--yes, I love the camera!

  3. Snow?! You've had snow? I must be cold in your "neck of the woods". I enjoyed your shots. Have fun with your new toy!

  4. Hi Lizzy:

    Ah, elevation has everything to do with weather in these parts. No, we haven't had snow--in fact the weather has been quite nice, with temperatures even getting around 60 many days. But the summit of that mountain is 7,500 feet--we're at about 3,000. There's been some amount of snow from about 5,000 feet up.

  5. wow. and I thought the Upper West Side was rural--that there is country! I love the boat for no apparent reason.

  6. some thing to share...since I am the dairy the 60's there were over 100 dairy herds in Washington County Idaho. I realize,, you are on the fringe on Washington County but it still rather surreal and sad. NOW...2009 the LAST dairy opted for the bailout earlier this year. I personally find it sad. Mega corpations rule the land....and the small time guy is done.

  7. Hi Heather: That is an interesting stat, & as you said a telling one. Corporate farming has not been a good thing, that's for sure. I'm old enough to remember the days of a local dairy & the milkman with his brown glass bottles in the milk box; the town where I grew up in VT was a dairy town. I wonder how it's doing these days....


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