Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dad’s Photos #21

Happy Sunday! I’m moving kind of slow after the Thanksgiving revelry, but I do have another installment of Dad’s Photos for your viewing pleasure. Also, for those of a more poetical bent, you can visit my Days of Wine & Roses blog for the poem post.

There will be two installments of Dad’s Photos in December, & that will bring the series to a close. The photos were taken at the “International Ski Jumping Tournament, Brattleboro, VT, February 18th 1940” (my father’s only caption for the set.) When I first looked at these images, I didn’t find them particularly compelling—these days we’re used to zoom images of sporting events, so the fact that the images are miniaturized & not in the very sharpest focus seems a liability. On the other hand, the more I examined the photos, the more I liked them—most of them display a sense of composition in the overall layout, & there are pleasing details, like the spectators who’ve climbed trees for better viewing. These really will be enhanced by enlargement, which you can do of course by clicking on the image.

I’m not adding captions, tho I will say that I believe you’ll see my mother in the center of the last photo. I hope you enjoy them, & that everyone had a pleasant holiday!

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  1. These are terrific. Love the mid-air shots.

  2. The hair-raising tree climb is as impressive as the ski jumping!

  3. Hi Dominic: I completely agree--the climber is very high in the tree!

  4. I like these, John, especially the composition of the one with the three skiers in mid-air.

  5. Hi Karen:

    I do think the airborne skier pix are the best--glad you liked them.

  6. Ah such winter delights - the feeling of freedom and flight - thank you for each memory.

    It has been a glorious Thanksgiving season. A gratitude most certainly for all you share.

    Best always,

    Rose Marie

  7. Flying people - such fun - though I must say I missed your captions.

  8. I love these photos. No nylon, no Spandex, just the tingly dampness of wet wool. An era of sportsmanship that had more to do with physical courage and talent than one-upmanship on opponents by means of gadgets and superior equipment. The spectator in the tree sharing the view as well as the danger. Nice photos.

  9. Hi Rose Marie, Sandra & Jacqueline:

    Rose Marie: Glad you liked these--always appreciate your very positive presence!

    Sandra: Ah yes, I was stumped. But flying people are fun!

    Jacqueline: That sums a lot up. Those were very different times, & the difference in the attitude toward sports is very marked.

  10. Love the action shots of the jumpers. That's one of my favourite parts of the Winter Olympics. It must have been exciting to at this competition.
    I enlarged them all and I do agree, they are more complex than they appear initially.
    Nice shot of your mom in her ski-suit.
    Always fun!

  11. Hi Kat: Ski jumping is an exciting sport--glad you liked these!


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