Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oceanside Evening Edition

Happy Tuesday evening, all (or Wednesday morning, as the case may be)! In case any of you were wondering what deserted spot we'd found last week & this weekend with no internet access, it was Manzanita, OR, or more precisely, our favorite vacation rental there, which stands right next to the dunes & has many charms & amenities but no wi-fi or any other hook-up.

We had a grand time! The weather
was stormy (both rain & wind) much of the time, but we played music & explored the surroundings by car, & got to eat at our favorite coast eateries, Cranky Sue's Crabcakes & Cannon Beach Thai. We also did a little house hunting in Garibaldi, & have even made contact with a realtor—but I assure all our friends, local & otherwise—that nothing's imminent.

I'm posting some of our vacation pix below (the pic above shows shorebirds at Cannon Beach). But first: a couple of new blogs to check out—Kat of the wonderful Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes has started a haiku blog called Kigo of the Kat—check it out right here. & my San Francisco pal Ray Halliday has started a wildly adventurous blog called 12tuna. All I'll say is the adventure concerns cans of outdated Chicken of the Sea, so it's not for the faint of heart.

Cannon Beach gull & crow

Some traveling companions show the view from the rental's front porch

Dunes, driftwood, breakers: the beach at Manzanita

There was some big surf that day: the winds were very stiff & probably approaching a gale

Eberle on the beach

Me, likewise

Eberle on the path home; our rental is the lighter colored building to the left


  1. Oh, I love the shore. I haven't been for a couple of years, and these pics make me want to feel that wind and the sting of the blowing sand. Envy isn't a pretty emotion! Let me just be glad for you, John!

  2. I was just popping round to see what's I've been missing here and what do I find? Thanks for the pitch, John. You're sweet. I appreciate you jumping on board right off the mark.

    Looks like you and Eberle had a wonderful relaxing time at Garibaldi and these are terrific photos, but where's Buffy? Doesn't he like crab cakes?

  3. you two are adorable and those traveling companions! man, i bet you can take those kids everywhere!

  4. Wilson, Steinbeck, and Duffy all say Hey! (Fine. Now they'll want to go everywhere with me. Come to think of it, I like that idea.)

    The Oregon coast is a wonderful place, isn't it? I'm glad you found a Thai restaurant and had fun, even in the stormy weather.

    p.s. Your secret word is "haysty." Is that a pen where you keep your hay, or a variant spelling of hasty?

  5. Hi Karen & Kat & Jen & Sandra

    Karen: Thanks--hope you have a chance to go to the shore sometime soon; it is invigorating!

    Kat: You're welcome! Buffy (& a few others were along, but didn't end up in any snapshots. I suspect Buffy may be a vegetarian.

    Jen: Thanks--we can & do!

    Sandra: All the animals say hi to yours! Definitely a pen for hay.

  6. It looks wonderful. Is it far from where you live at the moment?

  7. Hi Alan: It's about 9 hours away, so it's a ways. We agree with you on the wonderful part!

  8. Looks a great place - like some of our favourite haunts on the North Wales coast (Porthmadog and the Llyn Peninsula). Funny but obvious how the coast in different parts of the world can look so similar.

    We'll be off there soon...

  9. Hi Dominic: It is interesting--there are some characteristics I think of regarding the shore in various areas--a lot of the Oregon coast is quite forested (obviously not Manzanita!), whereas I think of Maine here in the states as especially rocky & craggy. Have a great time when you go the shore!

  10. Looks like a great time. There's nothing like an out of season seaside place for a good relax.

  11. Thanks Mairi--couldn't agree more.


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