Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sister Beverly!

Today’s the birthday of our dear friend Sister Beverly of Marymount Hermitage, & I’d like to extend a big Robert Frost’s Banjo birthday greeting to her. Sister Beverly is a staunch friend, loyal & supportive—just as one example, she’s come to rescue to my rescue at practically a moment's notice when I was stranded 50 miles away (& up the mountain in McCall) with a cracked head gasket! She is also a deep thinker & a person of strong faith & convictions—yet within that framework, she is remarkably tolerant, & I believe truly follows the rule of Marymount, which is to “receive everyone as if they were Christ.” Tho Sister Beverly & I view the cosmos very differently, I consider her a close friend who has supported me consistently since we first met the Hermit Sisters back in 2003—& not simply when I had car trouble!

Sister Beverly & Sister Rebecca Mary founded the Marymount Hermitage in Mesa (ID, not AZ!) 25 years ago—they just celebrated their 25th jubilee, & Eberle & I were privileged to play music for the very well-attended mass; in fact, the pic at the top of the post shows Sister Beverly & Eberle at the party following the mass. When the Sisters first came to Mesa Hill in the 1980s, they lived in conditions that most of us in the States have never experienced—they hauled water, for instance, winter & summer (both of which tend to brutal extremes on the Mesa) & lived without electricity. Their existence was a true example of “pioneering,” & they persisted under very arduous circumstances.

As a little birthday card to Sister Beverly, I’m including a video of yours truly playing what is doubtless her favorite song from my repertoire—“Froggie Went A-Courtin’.” It’s great fun! Usually I play this on the banjo, but I couldn’t get the banjo not to distort today on the webcam mic; then I realized I couldn’t get the guitar or my voice not to distort either. Finally I played it in a lower key than usual & this seemed to do the trick.

As an aside: I haven’t forgotten about the Halloween Films series—I just got kind of swamped yesterday, & today is hectic as well. All things being equal, I expect to post the next film review on Sunday. Those who are looking for a good Halloween film review, however, might want to check out Jacqueline T Lynch’s write-up of Bell, Book & Candle at the always excellent Another Old Movie Blog. I really like this movie, & it’s always a pleasure to read Ms Lynch’s writing.

Hope you all enjoy this, but most especially Sister Beverly—many happy returns!


  1. HBD to Sister Beverly from me! This sounds like a wonderful and fruitful friendship. If all religions accepted everyone as if they were Christ, I might be more religious...The world sure would be better off.

  2. Hi K--what can I say to that but amen? Sincerely: I 100% agree with you.

  3. Happy Birthday Sister Beverly!!!

    The steamy ballad of Frog and Miss Mouse made me giggle, John. :D

    (and I like what K had to say)

  4. Hi Willow:

    Thanks! & that is a rather steamy song, isn't it?

  5. Thanks for the nod, John, and the torch song on the courtship of that amorous amphibian, and a very happy birthday to Sister Beverly.

  6. Happy Birthday, Sister! God bless!

  7. Hi Jacqueline & Karen

    Jacqueline: The nod was my pleasure. There should be more songs about amorous amphibians!

    Karen: Thanks!

  8. Happy birthday, Sister Beverly!


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