Friday, September 18, 2009

Dad’s Photos #17

Autumn’s not too far away, is it? & this installment of Dad’s Photos reminds us of what comes after that! I’m hoping the fluffy white stuff is still a good long ways off, because for my money it always looks better in a photo than in real life.

These are more photos from the winter of 1939-1940, when my father lived in a little cabin in the small village of Athens, Vermont (town typically pronounced with a long “A” by the locals). My mother had some interesting insight on these photos; she said that my father was working as a cook at a pretty swanky restaurant in a nearby town—the Newfane Inn, which is still extant, so I’m thinking the old Ford that shows up in these photos got quite a workout that winter. My mother also pointed out that the snapshot you can see on the dresser in the photo titled “Room Plus Me” in the last installment (you can see it here) is her high school graduation portrait! My mom has gotten computer access at last at her assisted living home, & my nephew Ethan Rosenberg is going to be giving her an internet 101 tutorial. It makes me happy that my mother is finally able to see Robert Frost’s Banjo on a regular basis, & thanks to Ethan for all his help.

My dad’s caption for the pic at the top of the post was simply Home. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Who’s There??

Just a Flop!! [this is my father, who typically was anything but a flop on either skis or skates—I believe these smaller photos (an odd size—roughly 2x4, whereas most of his photos are 3x5) were taken with a different camera, & at least in this case, by someone else)

Camp (North Side)

Ford I

Putney – “Tame” (Putney is the name of a nearby town, but I assume it was my father’s name for this deer)

Woodards Farm – Looking East

Bright Eyes

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  1. Vintage snow photos have such a charming, fairy tale quality. Your pics and text would make a nice book, John.

  2. All this series has been a delight. I second Willow's comments.

  3. Fall is already here, leaves changing, chill in the air. The scramble to bring out winter clothes and winter blankets.

    Nice photos. I'm glad your mother will be able to visit you on Robert Frost's Banjo.

  4. Hi Willow & Alan & Jacquline

    Willow & Alan: The book idea is kind of intriguing---hmmm.... Thanks!

    Jacqueline: So I hear about the New Englad weather--seems awfully early to me--we're still getting 90 degree days around here, tho the nights are cooling down some. Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Hi K:

    I'm thinking it must have been pretty brutal in that cabin--but he was young.

  6. Always enjoy these. Your photo series has finally got me scanning my dad's old slides...

  7. Great that your Ma is now surfing the net.Quite like snow as it is rare here and doesn't last. I like your dad's old Ford too.

  8. Hi Dominic & TFE

    Dominic: I just stopped by your blog--that's great! I'm looking forward to more of yours.

    TFE: Snow isn't as bad when it comes & goes--big reason we think about moving to the Oregon coast, where it rarely snows, & when it does, it doesn't last. I quite like that photo of the Ford myself. & yes, thanks, that is great for my mom I think!

  9. john, what beautiful prints - just classic and gorgeous - such a degree of yesteryear and soft simplistic beauty - loved them! thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Hi Jenean: & thanks--I know you also appreciate old photos!

  11. hi jack,

    brings back memories of hiking the hill when it was freezing. i remember the night i wanted to lay down. he wouldnt let me.

    love, ma

  12. Hi Ma & Ethan:

    Well, you're getting pretty computer savvy! It does look quite cold--others have remarked on that!

    Love you too! We're heading to McCall soon for the show.


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