Sunday, September 20, 2009

Basin Street Blues

Howdy everybody. I’m posting this ahead of time because I’m expecting to be pretty well zonked on Sunday morning following the Saturday night show—may have a more up-to-date post later on.

Here’s my take on “The Basin Street Blues” for your enjoyment this morning—despite my voice being a little bit under par the day I recorded this (& despite some minor brain locks on the lyrics!) I was satisfied with the result overall. As you can see, I’m not playing my resonator guitar here, but instead am fingerpicking my old Harmony archtop.

The Harmony Master archtop went for between $45-$50 in 1958 when this one was made; as is the case with a lot of things, they have appreciated since. But they’re still pretty much a bargain if you get one that’s in good shape, as this one is—there are some cosmetic “issues” here, but the old gal sure sounds sweet. As far as the set up goes, I actually like the thick & wide neck—it’s nice for fingerpicking or flatpicking, & as typically is the case with archtops, the sound projects really well. The guitar’s been played for 50 years (I’ve only had it for a few) & I’m sure she’s good for many, many more.

Hope you enjoy this one!


  1. John, A most beautiful Sunday spent outdoors, checking in, so pleased to be greeted by your guitar and song. Such an easy, easy performance. Thank You - I can envision your playing the guitar and I reading a poem. Would love you to consider music, if so inclined, for any one of my poems.

  2. Thanks, John! I love the sound of that Harmony archtop! My dad had one of these years when I was a girl.

    I always enjoy your performances, and especially Basin Street Blues.

  3. Hi Rose Marie & Karen

    Rose Marie: Glad you had a nice Sunday--interesting idea about poetry & music--your poetry probably could be set to music quite well!

    Karen: There were a lot of Harmonys, archtop & otherwise, around back in the day; they were/are good solid guitars. Glad you liked "The Basin St Blues!"


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