Monday, September 8, 2008

Gonna Move Up to the Country #1

Both Eberle & I like cats—wait, tho, we do know that’s not a cat in the pic to the right. But we have cats, nonetheless—of the exclusively outdoor variety, because poor Eberle is deathly allergic to the little furry bundles of joy, claws, teeth, & dander. Our two current cats are Weenie & Manxine. They’re both manxes, a breed that’s rampant in Indian Valley, & sad to say, they can’t stand each other. But they’re both spayed! Anyhoo, the pic illustrates one of the pitfalls of feeding your outdoor cats on the porch, especially if you forget to bring the food in about twilight. We’ve decided that cat food should be sold simply as “food,” because so many animals like it—cats (including “other,” & more feral, cats), dogs, racoons, skunks, magpies, ducks, etc.

One of the many joys of country living!

Pic is by Eberle Umbach

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