Monday, September 22, 2008

Eberle Umbach - Guest Blogger Tomorrow!

Howdy all—something new & different & fun coming up tomorrow! Eberle recently got back from a weeklong retreat at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Monastery in Lafayette, OR, & she’s busting to write about some of the homemade shrines she found on the monastery grounds.

Homemade shrines & statuary, & other homemade
art pieces—especially those involving found objects—have been a focal point of Eberle’s imagination for about as long as I can remember. Though she’s evolved from making advent calendars from magazines & other paper goods to working with fairly substantial metal objects salvaged from the Adams County dump (back when we could still do this—now it’s frowned upon), this type of work has inspired her creativity for a long while. It also dovetails with some of her deeply held aesthetic & philosophical positions.

So be sure to check in tomorrow—think you’ll find it interesting—& some good pix, too!

The pic of Eberle above was taken by Sister Mary Beverly

The pic below shows a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe which Eberle made from objects found at the dump (the statue itself was purchased online). Eberle spray painted the tank; the “bed fence”(also spray painted) is Eberle’s childhood bed.

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