Friday, February 3, 2017

two vancouver ave octets


the two benches simply boards laid across stumps
in cedar wood chips & the pale shaggy grass

leaning south—in one raised bed sprouting beet greens,
a single kohlrabi, parsley, tarragon

long since gone past; nothing but emerald curl
of scallions in the next under a staked sign

rain has nearly erased; fence made of pallets:
spray painted letters, illegible designs


wood rocking horse at the porch corner behind
white spindle balusters; on the lawn, yucca

blades slump above brick walkways; golden rain tree
holds its hollow pods out of reach, ironwood’s

coriaceous leaves hang lower as buds rise,
leafless paperbark maple stretches branches

into power lines—single crow flying first
southeast across blue veers due south into gray

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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