Monday, February 20, 2017

Two Octets

mississippi ave octet

slats on the garden bench look rickety; it
leans away from a whisky barrel planter

crammed with dead vines; the fig tree branches
out smooth, taupe, pruned; rose bush can’t let go of those
last dozen black leaves; daffodils perforate
clay, fern fronds struggle through bricks laid at random—

the orange tabby cat hunches on porch steps,
eyes fixed where sun might take cover past rooftops


alberta st octet

lime green chair tipped over in the vacant lot,
beside it on asphalt a tree limb speckled

with lichen; by a black rocker two black cats
stare out yellow eyed from a porch; the boxwood

is clipped, a shovel with yellow blade lies down
by a white fluted flower urn gone askew

& moldy; magnolia figo grows dense
past a board fence put there perhaps for graffiti

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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