Monday, February 13, 2017

kerby ave double octet


welcome mat with three woven sunflowers laid
cockeyed across parking strip grass; on the porch

an orange vinyl loveseat, upholstery
split; next door, a wading pool turned upside down

on black plastic by sleeping rhododendrons,
their buds clutched against this heatless & windblown sun—

on the far side of a cherry’s engraved bark,
crow perches atop a blue recycling bin

under Tuscan capped columns, a black lantern
apparently nonchalant on a white post,

a stone wall maybe too perfect, baby blue
pail on the front steps—up the street a copper

planter with no sign of growth, glazed blue birdbath
listing north, the Japanese maple waiting

for next season, garden bench by a craftsman
column: crow’s wings open beyond all those wires

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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