Tuesday, August 14, 2012


[There’s a bit of Wonderland & a bit of nightmare in Barbie Angell’s poem “Kenny’s”—& the most unusual items appear on the poetic menu!]


Serve up Laughter on the plate.
Force it all to mind the Fates.
Scramble Brains and fry your Mind.
Frozen seconds chill the Time.
Steaming cups of sacred Truths
fill the hands of misspent youths.
Grab a slice of Humble pie
topped with chocolate Alibis.
Eat your Thoughts and swallow Cries.
Attempt caloric suicide.
Dive into your own Regrets.
Live in all you can’t forget….

“I’d like a life that’s medium rare
with a sprinkle of Hope and a side of Fear.”
“Does the Whine list cover all complaints?”
“Are your spirits sinners or are they saints?”
“Does True Love come with every meal?
Or is it just a special deal?”
“Is Karma included with a tip?”
“Is there any way I could get a grip?”

This is your Life with a side of fries.
The special today is sauteed Lies.
We offer a bottomless cup of Smiles,
so come and hang out for a while.
We’re on the corner of Beginning and End,
so come on out and bring a friend.
When Dreams and Chaos coincide,
this is where to come and hide.

Barbie Angell
© 2009-the present

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