Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photo of the Week 6/26/11

Harrison Roses
Indian Valley, Idaho
Thursday 6/23/11


  1. Nice! Roses are always a good subject. We certainly have plenty of them in the garden center at work. Although I miss the beach roses back in Newport!

  2. Superb. Both the subject and the picture.

  3. So beautiful, John. Are they fragrant? They *look* fragrant. :-)

  4. Hi Roy, Dave & Sandra

    Roy: Thanks! The Harrison roses are found in this area on a number of old homestead sites, along with black locusts that the homesteaders also planted. These are in our yard.

    Dave: Thank you so much!

    Sandra: Yes, they are. They always come into full bloom right about exactly on the solstice & I always mean to get a photo on that day, but I always seem to miss by a few!


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