Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Nuno's Poem"

[This poem had me at "the record store" (if not before!)  I also love the illustration.  Hope you like it too!]

Nuno’s  Poem

She chased Happiness down the stairs
and then out the back door.
She lost him in the street
down by the record store.

She caught him two weeks later
and he quickly got away.
So she followed him discreetly
to find out where he stayed.

She tried to trick and trap him
to keep him by her side.
But every time she turned around,
Happiness would hide.

I don’t know why she sought him out,
why she didn’t wait for him,
but on and on went her pursuit
though she could never win.

They found her in the courtyard,
in the center of the town,
her world a mess, like all the rest,
‘cause someone let her down.

She sat alone and cried there.
She knew this was the end....
Then Happiness approached her
and asked to be her friend.

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-present


  1. Sometimes you look to hard for happiness and when you stop it finds you! Great poem and I love the drawing!

  2. Hi Lizzy: I find Barbie Angell's poems & artwork both delightful--glad you liked this too, & thanks for stopping by!

  3. thanks lizzy, i appreciate that. : ) i'm rather fond of both of those pieces myself. nuno is nuno bettencourt & the poem is based on his song "pursuit of happiness". i love the song so much i have the word "pursuit" tattooed on my back. a big deal for me since i only have two tattoos. : )

  4. Yes, very appealing. And yes, I hear something especially natural and real about lines 3 and 4.

  5. thank you so much "banjo 52"....if that is in fact your real name. :)

    i'm assuming you're referring to the "record store" portion. i did write the piece about a song, so it seemed like a nice inside joke when i came up with those lines.

    there's often private humor or references in my writing. i don't usually offer it to the audience upfront, but i do explain such things if i'm ever asked.

    thanks again. i do so love getting feedback on my work....especially if it's a compliment. :)

  6. Hi Banjo52: Thanks for stopping by, & glad you liked Barbie's poem--they appear here every other Tuesday, accompanied with her artwork!

    Hi Barbie: An official thanks for what your work brings to the blog--it's much appreciated!

  7. an official "you're welcome" :)

    i really do love being a part of your website. it's such a lovely compliment and your readers are terribly sweet.

  8. Hi Barbie: The folks who comment here are really good folks indeed!


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