Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo of the Week 3/13/11

Trumpeter Swans on Payette Lake
McCall, ID
Wednesday 3/9

Hope you like the new larger picture size!


  1. Still snowy up your way, eh? I love the reflections of the swans in the water.

  2. beautiful!
    the kinda look like musical notes

  3. Hi Roy & Rene

    Roy: Much more snow up in McCall where this pic was taken; the elevation there 5,200+ feet, & they typically have some snow in the ground (not covering) in May! Down where we live (< 3,000 ft) there's more snow than usual, but a lot of bare ground too. Thanks!

    Rene: So glad you liked it--I guess they do look like musical notes!

  4. If you carry a camera around with you, moments like that are deeply satisfying!

  5. Hi Dominic: Yes, I was pretty jazzed to see that, & I was glad the camera did a reasonable job at the distance. Glad you liked it!

  6. That's brilliant... it looks like they're on the edge of the world.

  7. Hi HKatz: Now I'd say that's a brilliant observation on your part! Thanks.


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