Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ed’s Redeeming Qualities Blog!

Hello again!  I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled program for an exciting announcment! 

During my time in San Francisco, it was my great good fortune to become friends with the folks in a remarkable band called Ed’s Redeeming Qualities.  The three band members I knew during that time are still dear friends, & in fact all have appeared on this blog before: Dani Leone appears regularly under her pen name of L.E. Leone, (& here) & has also appeared wearing her musician’s hat both under her nom de steel drum, Sister Exister & as herself; Carrie Bradley has been a guest both on the Musical Questions series & on Homegrown Radio, & Jonah Winter participated in the Writers Talk series (here & here too).  Some of my happiest evenings in San Francisco were spent at Ed’s shows at the Hotel Utah, Kilowatt, the Bottom of the Hill & Spikes.  I’d also have to say that my friendship with these folks was a big factor in my turning to music more seriously in the later 90s & beyond.

Ed’s music had to be experienced—it’s hard to sum it up to the uninitiated.  Allmusic’s entry for Ed’s Redeeming Qualities will give you some idea:

A quirky folk group who defy an easy placement in genre, Ed's Redeeming Qualities' instrumentation—guitar, violin, ukulele, bongos, accordion, cardboard bass, and drum -- suggests folk music and the songs run the gamut of influences from rock, country, calypso, and klezmer. A reviewer described them as the "David Lynch of folk music," which is as apt a description as anyone has come up with.

But here’s a better suggestion—head on over to the new Ed’s Redeeming Qualities blog to hear the band’s original four members—Dani, Carrie, Dani’s cousin Dom Leone, & Neno Perrota in video footage from back in the 1980s!  The post is at this link.  You’ll also get a thumbnail sketch of the band’s beginnings &—to follow soon—some information on the first-time digital (CD and download) release of the original home-recorded and homemade cassette tapes that comprised their early years!

Hope you take a few minutes to swing by the Ed’s Redeeming Qualities blog & consider following &/or subscribing!

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