Tuesday, March 29, 2011

“How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?”

Practice!  But you knew that, as does G. Willikers Moose (AKA, G. Willikers Moozart). 

Seriously, folks, I wandered into the music studio on Monday morning to get ready for my first student, & there was G. Willikers Moose on the 88s with a piano arrangement of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Ain’t Superstitious”

Some guitar players in this house have been known to pillage piano arrangements for riffs, but this arrangement is pretty so-so—but let’s not tell Mr Moose that, ok?)

Funny thing, tho, none of my students seemed to even notice his playing….& he kept at it all day!

Focus, hand position—even a metronome!  The kid could go far.

Hope you all have a good day, & practice your scales!


  1. I did notice Moozart yesterday. I did not want to interrupt the focus, concentration and his Zen like state of being.

    I am in awe of his focus, dedication, and form. The posture was rather impressive too!!!

    I secretly want to embrace Moozart and have a cuddle with him. He is rather adorable.

  2. Hi Heather: I figured that must be the case! Eberle does say G Willikers Moose is very much good for cuddling. Yes, I think it was his posture that struck me most!

  3. That must have been quite a surprise, John. On the other hand, the stuffed animals do seem to be rather active lately -- Wilson up and disappeared yesterday, and it took me several hours to find him. Nobody would tell me where he had gone, and when I finally caught him trying to sneak back in (he'd got himself caught between the bed and the wall, silly dog), he went all coy about his adventure. Maybe he went to hear the Moozart concert!

  4. Hi Sandra: You just never know what they'll get up to, do you? From what Eberle tells me about the ability of animals to move thru space & time, I think it's quite possible Wilson did travel to hear G Willikers Moose.


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