Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Union Pacific #10

A green sign reading “Nebraska the
    good life” pocked with bullet holes the static
        scars the power poles trace east-

ward a boarded up service station ex-
    hausted March snow in dormant grass a
        sky you couldn’t 

touch but if you could it would be cold dripping
    slate not dripping exactly the frozen
        fog inert for all practical 

purposes the gas station’s white metal
    siding oxydizing at a geologic pace the
        gravel lot gashed by tires be-

low the stone Our Lady of Peace
    statue’s petrified outstretched gesture the
        semis ascending west to Cheyenne one

red cab one silver cab one blue cab 
    I’m headed the other way but not yet
        I’ll stop another place for the night but not yet
in downtown Pine Bluffs Wyoming a yellow
    Union Pacific caboose parked on a 
    siding behind a cyclone

fence hasn’t moved in decades
    a sort of  peace but
        you couldn’t touch it

the junkyard sprawl behind the
    statue’s back the
        power poles’ quantum motion

Jack Hayes
© 2010

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  1. There are powerful images here - the first lines for instance, and ... Our Lady of Peace/petrified outstretched gesture. Unease, fear, nothing restful. a sort of peace but/you couldn’t touch it - love that.

  2. Hi HKatz: Glad you liked it--& glad that the sequence is up & running again.


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