Tuesday, September 7, 2010


[L.E. Leone again contemplates love.  Enjoy!]


There’s a kind of wild
Flower grows along the highway
Here, Nebraska, makes me think
Of you. But then: so do weeds
And roadkill. Orange cones,
Construction, so beautiful it’s
Almost deafening. I know, I know:

You don’t say “I love you” to
Someone you’re falling in love
With. It’s like shooting yourself
In the foot. Worse: like hacking off
Your foot with a hacksaw, stringing
It up by the big toe from a tree, and then
Shooting it, nine times. What’s left, form
into a patty. I prefer peanut oil

Five minutes each side … all the while of course
Bleeding to death, I love you.

L.E. Leone
© 2010


  1. Wonderful. It's like "These Foolish Things" turned inside out and upside down and left out to dry.

  2. Hi Alan: Speaking of wonderful--that comment is priceless! So glad you liked it.

  3. Wow. That's quite a violent image. But expressing love makes a person so vulnerable that even the prospect of rejection is incredibly damaging to the soul.

  4. Hi Raquelle: Yes, L.E. got down to it on this one; & you're right--this poem actually had me thinking about times when I was younger when I didn't express love just because of those sorts of fears--it's the fears that end up doing the violence I think--not that I should be speaking for L.E.

  5. God I love this...
    just the big greasiness of it all

    and I'd like some sweet potato fries alongside..
    ya know, the kind you get at The Peddler's Daugher in them tin pails.

    They make their own ketchup there..
    real tomato ketchup
    red as a whore's funeral dress.

    Good to see you again, John :)

  6. WOW! It just descends into a blackly-humourous revelation! The shooting 9 times really got me (as if the rest of it weren't enough).
    It catches that gut-wrench so expertly. I find myself wondering if the emotion spilled out or she really had to think about it.


  7. Hi Rene & Kat

    Rene: I'd say you're on L.E. Leone's wavelength there! Always a pleasure.

    Kat: Yes, the 9 times is something! I don't know the background on this one--perhaps L.E. will drop by & answer your question.

  8. Love it, John! I especially love the ending.

  9. Hi Karen: So glad you liked L.E.'s poem! Thanks.

  10. @Rene - "Red as a whore's funeral dress"! That's great! (So glad I came back to the comments - that alone was worth it.)



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