Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Few Snapshots From Summer

Here are a few photos from our summer - enjoy!

Yours Truly on the Porch with guitars, Manxine, Weenie & Pablo - June    

Depot in Eureka, MT - my trip to see Rory Block - June

Eberle & I at an island wedding gig - July

Daylilies in the Garden - July
Canned Goods & More at the Adams County Fair - July

Mt Hood Seen from the Balcony of the Balch Hotel, Dufur, OR- August

Eberle During Our Canoe Trip on the Payette River - September

Don't forget: tomorrow on Writers Talk - Aaron Wilson of Soulless Machine!


  1. Those cats in the first picture are a spitting image of our cats. For a moment, I thought, "How'd they get there?"

  2. Looks like it was a nice, busy, and colorful Summer!

  3. Hi Aaron & Roy

    Aaron: How interesting! Are both of yours manx cats?

    Roy: Yes, all of the above. Thanks!

  4. Porches, cats, music, canned goods at the fair, and rowing on the river. There's a perfect summer!

  5. We have a black tuxedo and a tabby, but they kind of look like the ones in your picture.

  6. Great shots of your summer, John. Love the one of you on the porch. Also the photograph of Eberle, paddling.

  7. Hi Christine, Aaron & Martin

    Christine: Yes, indeed! Thanks.

    Aaron: Cool--I like that your & 9to5poets cats resemble ours!

    Martin: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed seeing them.

  8. Nice pics! Love that old depot.

  9. Hi Willow: Thanks! Burlington Northern line.


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