Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dad’s Photos #6

For Sunday: more of my father’s pictures from an old photo album. I believe these all date from 1938; they ceratinly are all photos around the Cape, where he worked as a cook in 1938-1939. As usual, the captions are my father’s words.

In case you’ve missed any of the five prev
ious installements, there are links on the left hand frame about halfway down the page. Hope you enjoy.

Bourne Bridge – Cape Side Approach

Near Falmouth on the Cape

Bourne High School

Buzzard’s Bay

Craig Beach – Hyannis, Mass [my father spelled this “Kraig,’ but from what I can determine, it seems “Craig” is more likely]

Bourne Post Office, General Store etc.


  1. I always look forward to these intallments! My favorite is of Bourne High School. When I used to partake more in photography as a hobby, lines of trees like that were a specialty of mine.

  2. Thanks Raquelle:

    That photo might be my favorite from this batch too.

  3. I love these pictures. They are all beautiful, serene because they're so plain. Don't mean that in a negative way at all. They capture the scene, that's it.

    Wonderful that you are sharing these with us!

  4. Thanks Reya-- no, I totally get what you mean, & I appreciate the enthusiasm folks have shown for these photos.

  5. what a treasure trove! I agree re the bourne h.s. snap....

    it's so fun to see what captured our parents' dad was an incurable shutterbug, so I come by my habits quite naturally, unfortunately in his frail years he has given up taken pictures but is enthusiastic about having his photo taken and will still give advice whenever I'm snapping in his presence ;)

  6. Hi Kimy:

    Well, you certainly have an eye for photography, wherever you got it from! My dad was also quick to offer "suggestions"; & like your father he pretty much gave up photography in his later years. Thanks a lot for your support of this series.

  7. Your Dad really had an eye, didn't he? I love the long lines of the Bourne High School picture.
    Buzzard's Bay sounds a bit morose, doesn't it?

    As always, these are a treat!


  8. Thanks Kat: Yeah, Buzzard's Bay kind of makes you wonder doesn't it. Seems like the Bourne High School shot was a real hit.


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