Friday, September 2, 2016

walking sutra

when I open the door dozens of crows fly,
they fly southeast on the diagonal—
                        three contrails smear the horizon
rose pink
           inexplicably as I cross the street
you aren’t there—a black cricket scurries through
brown leaves & seedkeys—
                                    I’m no different really—
above power lines the swallow zigzags its
silhouette frenzy—

             you aren’t here: though the one
hawthorn, those drooping brown-eyed
                                               Susans, a handful of
cirrus skimming east above high-rises:
            company of sorts—

                       not to mention the many
materializing along the sidewalk:
            & yes, I smile, walking south
& yes she smiles walking north—though
                                    you’re right I’m not young:
in just a few minutes the planets will turn on,
            scarlet phosphorescent metallic: a plane’s
just inches from colliding with Mars on high—&
            magnolia’s cone fruit dangling above that
bus stop where
                         white blossoms once strewed the lawn &
                                     you aren’t there as the southern
sky grays, the contrails blanch
                         wraith white in the west—though
                        at the market the woman weighs black
plums, calls me dear
                        & you aren’t there—back east
fireflies luminesce cold without ultraviolet before they
go extinct, here the ginkgo yellows ignoring the fact it’s

August & you aren’t here: still, tomorrow
two planets will coruscate incandescent love &
              thunder over the park & plane trees’ leaves will
stretch out their big hands, you say—

okay: across the street those colored lights, frayed
prayer flags on a string & of course the dark:
             the next step is bound to happen next

Jack Hayes
© 2016

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  1. There are crows/jackals roosting in the trees behind our house. Hundreds of them. I never tire of watching/listening to them. I see the book is on UK amazon, too.


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