Thursday, March 3, 2016

crossing Lake Dongting

crossing Lake Dongting

the flood-serpent’s den encircled by green grass;
Dragon’s Hump Island hides the White Sands station—

guarding the dike, primeval entwined trees:
greeting the oar, the watchful posturing crows—

routing waves governed by a southerly wind;
I bring the boom about, fearing the sunset—

light on the lake partakes of the far-flung heavens:
I long to float off on the immortal raft

Jack Hayes
© 2016
based on Du Fu:
guò dòngtíng hú

Image links to its source on Wiki Commons:
Hermit Fisherman on Lake Dongting, by Chinese artist Wu Zhen, Yuan Dynasty period, ink on paper.

中文: 洞庭漁隱
Public domain

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