Friday, July 18, 2014

"The Idaho Waltz"

in Idaho amongst honeybee hives these
shabby sunflowers grasp a gravel road over-
looking a lean-to painted barn red like a star

& mule deer materialize in July twilight while
the stream that carved the upper pasture in
March mesa run-off stands dry amongst

horsetail & the waning moon heaves into
view above Indian Mountain & evening’s pale
permeating each compass point all at once

while swallows erupt from a corrugated
outbuilding’s peak above the sodium light
& dart & swoop over salmon-pink roses that can

withstand this heat, & a 5-string banjo’s frailed
in the interstices betwixt spacetime & memory:
“wake up wake up little Maggie”


Jack Hayes
© 2014

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