Tuesday, March 25, 2014



(From the Italian, meaning “a bunch of feathers.”)

It sounds a lot like pizzazz,
(origin unknown),
meaning flamboyance, or zest, or flair.
This last rhymes with hair.

So panache could also mean, let us say,
“something to do with hair,”

I know for a fact
that you go to a place by that name
(that has nothing to do with feathers)
when you can’t do a thing with your hair.
After each visit you return from there
full of flamboyance and zest and flair,

I love you as you are,
so I don’t know why you go there.
But if it fills you with flamboyance
 and zest and a certain flair,
I suppose it is worth the trouble you take
To have something done with your hair.

Carmen Leone
© 2009

Image is from Wiki Commons.
Portrait of a Lady: William Larkin, ca. 1610-1620. Public domain

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