Monday, May 6, 2013

"Flor de Maracujá"

Passion flower, intricate, iconic, sexual, allegorical, medicinal—& sea breeze across a vernadah in the bright light of noon or in the moonlight…all coming to us through a dazzling voice & a jazz trio’s élan—Anna Setton, one of Brazil’s rising stars, here backed by Evaldo Soares on piano, Lito Robledo on bass & Jorginho Saavedra on drums & percussion.

“Flor de Maracuja,” a Bossa Nova song composed by João Donato & Lysias Enio—what a lovely thing on a lovely May afternoon!

& stay tuned for more Anna Setton right here on Robert Frost’s Banjo!

Image links to its source on Wiki Commons
Flor de maracujá by Ismar Schein, who has released the image into the public domain


  1. Good stuff. thanks for posting.

  2. We have a passion flower growing up our back wall. I never tire of its intricate strangeness. I believe passionately in the importance of exploring space but it has to be said that if anyone wants to discover strange, seemingly alien forms of life all they have to do is take a good look around them.


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