Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"The Tire Swing"

The Tire Swing

I was made for lapping miles,
city streets and pikes and roads,
rolling free through days and nights
hauling folks and heavy loads.

But such a life has worn me bald.
I’m out to pasture, so to speak,
joined by a rope to a tall oak tree
between a farmhouse and a creek.

She bursts outdoors and leaps on me
and kicks as we ride high and higher.
I soar with her and hold her tight,
and I am more than just a tire!

This, after all, I now can see,
has always been my destiny.

Carmen Leone
© 2012-the present


Image links to source on Wiki Commons
"Girl on a Swing": Winslow Homer, 1879 - public domain

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