Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prelude & Fugue in Eb Flat Major, BWV 876 – Chiara Massini

A happy Sunday, friends. I have some wonderful music for you today—& a very short post to accompany it.

My life is busy these days, & I haven’t been able to put the time into the blog or the whole blogging process that I used to. Still, I continue to be happy that Robert Frost’s Banjo exists & that people still enjoying visiting it!

If you’ve been following along Sundays in March, you know that I’m featuring the music of Chiara Massini, a remarkably gifted harpsichordist, & specifically focusing on her performances from the set of 48 Bach preludes & fugues that we call The Well-Tempered Clavier.  Today’s selection is from the second set of 24 (each book of the two sets, which were published 20 years apart, feature a prelude & fugue set in each major & minor key.)

I enjoy Ms Massini’s playing a great deal, & you can hear more of her on her fine YouTube channel, as well as follow her on Facebook—though the latter page is in Italian—still, it does keep you up to date on her new videos. Finally, Chiara Massini has two albums available at CDBaby.

Hope you enjoy this splendid music & that you have a lovely Sunday.

Photo of Chiara Massini’s harpsichord links to its source at


  1. One thing I like about harpsichords is the way they often make them with "negative" keys. Have you come across John Cage's HPSCHD?

  2. It is always a pleasure to call in at RFB, just as much now as for the last lord knows how many years. There are always words worth reading and sounds worth listening to. And today is no exception at all. Lovely music.


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