Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Interview with…

A happy Wednesday, friends. The photo leading off the post is yours truly in my digs with my new Cordoba guitar—yes, nylon strings! Obviously, this is not a guitar designed for playing Delta blues, & yes, I’m moving in another direction musically. Quite exciting. I won’t be turning my back on the blues, but I have felt for some time the need for a different & softer sound to complement the hard-edged blues stuff. I particularly am interested in getting together a set of music that would be more appropriate for background music, as there is always demand for that.

Which is all a lead in to say that you can read my thoughts on poetry & music on the always excellent The Sill of the World blog from writer Hila Katz. The Sill of the World features first class writing, the always thoughtful & delightful “Week in Seven Words” series, & recently Hila Katz has been running interviews with various creative folks in her acquaintance. I was most flattered to be included in the series. The post is at this link.

I did want to clarify one point in the interview for blog readers: As I mention in the interview, I am quite excited to be working on setting a manuscript of poems by another poet to music—not in the sense of writing songs, but in the sense of providing settings. But I also have recently written a setting for a poem by my good friend & Robert Frost's Banjo collaborator Barbie Angell. In fact, you will be able to hear a rough draft of that in this very space tomorrow! I’ve sort of reserved Thursday for guitar related posts, & am hoping to post some recordings of my own material over time. I’m working with a rather primitive recording set up right now, but I hope that will change over the next several months.

I know the posting has been sporadic at times here, but I expect it will all sort itself out! Thanks for hanging with the blog, & have a great Wednesday!


  1. Thanks again, John (and that's a great photo of you!) I look forward to seeing what you've worked on with Barbie Angell.

  2. It is always a pleasure to hang with RFB. Great photo John, you are looking well. And now I am off over to read the interview.

    1. Thank you very much, Alan! & thanks for your comment on Sill of the World, too!


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