Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making the Most of What You Have

[A short poem by Nancy Krygowski that's both fun & deep—enjoy!]
Making the Most of What You Have

Seagulls are flying
Over the river again.

White mistakes or
Small white lessons.

Nancy Krygowski
© 2011


  1. Sometimes an awful lot can be said in just four lines.

  2. Beautiful. Brevity as the soul of wisdom as well as wit.

  3. I once spent several hours removing black specks from digital photos of clouds. Very frustrating. The SLR camera obviously needed a good clean inside. Then I realised I was annihilating birds...

  4. Hi Alan, Dick & Dominic

    Alan: Case in point!

    Dick: Yes, agreed!

    Dominic: What a story! Thanks!


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