Tuesday, September 6, 2011


[I love Nancy Krygowski’s latest poem!  I think you will too.]


Watch the thermometer rise
one more

degree.  I’m thirsty
for the irregular—

crow balancing on birdfeeder
as the wind picks up

his feathers. 

I wish my antidote to falling
was flying, my solution to anger

a sweet-smelling lotion fingered into
my brain.

Oh, that’s right—that’s what
patience is.

Nancy Krygowski
© 2011


  1. Very spare and visually clear on the crow and liquid massage for the brain. I like this.

  2. such a story it tells.
    have a beautiful fall,
    and thank you again, for your music.

  3. Hi Banjo52 & Dianne

    Banjo52: Yes, I do too! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Dianne: Thanks--glad you liked it! Perhaps I need to post some of my own music again before too long :)

  4. a sweet-smelling lotion fingered into
    my brain.

    I loved this line even as it made me squirm a little (or maybe because it did). I also like how the image of someone watching a thermometer suggests an attempt, however futile, at tamping down irritation, anger and impatience.

  5. Hi HKatz: Yes, I think this is a very effective poem--I like it very well. Thanks for stopping by!


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