Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo of the Week 2/20/11

 Abandoned Homestead with Old Style Satellite Dish
Petty Lane, Indian Valley, ID
Tuesday 2/15


  1. Abandoned? Shame that dish is so far away. I've had my eye out for an old abandoned one!

  2. Great shot! But then you know how I love abandoned buildings.

    I'm wondering if that horse portrait was painted on the satellite dish while it was still in use or if it was post-abandonment graffiti.

  3. Hi Dominic & Roy

    Dominic: I think the shipping charges might be prohibitve! Tood bad you can't look around here because you do see them around.

    Roy: Thanks! I feel the same way about old house & Eberle does even more so. Don't know when the horse head was painted, but there's another one of these old dishes about 20 miles from here that I believe is still in use & is painted bright yellow w/a smiley face.

  4. secret of

  5. I'm getting to really love these pictures of the week. This one looks so cozy. It's a life I'd like to live in that little cabin.

  6. Hi Caroline: Well, it'd be a kick to have you as a neighbor, I think--but that cabin would be awfully cold this time of year!


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