Thursday, January 6, 2011

Writers Talk with Laura Eno

Happy Thursday, one & all.  We're back with the first Writers Talk interview of the New Year, & it's my pleasure to introduce Laura Eno, a fiction writer with numerous publicationsher Goodreads author page lists five novels & eight fiction anthologies.

Laura Eno lives in Florida with a very tolerant husband, three skulking cats and an absurdly happy dog. She has a pet from the Underworld named Jezebel and a skull called Mr. Fluffy who help her write novels late at night. Please visit her strange imagination at A Shift in Dimensions.  Links to all of Laura Eno's published work can be found on her blog.  In addition, you can read an excerpt from Ms Eno's novel Don't Fall Asleep: A Dream Assassin Novel over on the companion Writers Talk blog.  Please do check that out!

I have to thank Karen Schindler, whose Writers Talk interview appeared here last month for connecting Laura with Robert Frost's Banjo.  The result was the following delightful interview:

When did you first realize your identity as a writer?

I think it was when the voices in my head tied me to a chair and demanded a venue of their own. Since then, we've enjoyed an uneasy truce; they speak and I write down what they say. If I ignore them, my sleep is severely disrupted and the arguments become verbal. It's not a pretty sight.

Describe the creative process involved in any one piece you’ve written—this could be book, a story, a poem, an essay, etc.

I will jot down story ideas, creating a simple outline, but the characters grow rather organically from there. They have much to say when I shut up and listen to them, weaving intricate stories of wonder.

Could you describe your relationship to the publishing process? (this can be publishing in any form, from traditional book publishing to blogging, etc)

Ah, relationships… First, and foremost, I have a relationship to my story. For that reason, I am an indie author. That means I have complete control and responsibility over content. My readers are the only ones judging my story's worth.

How has being a writer affected your relationships?

Being a writer has strengthened my relationships. I'm happier for having the outlet and my family can now put a label on my strangeness. "Well, she's a writer" as explanation smoothes over many a faux pas—especially if I'm staring off into space or examining a knife with a maniacal look on my face.

How would you describe the community of writers you belong to—if any?  This may be a “real” or “virtual” (in more than one sense) community.

Blogging, Twitter and Facebook have opened a wonderful world of like-minded friendships for me. Many writers are introverts and I am no exception. The online community feeds my soul and understands me in a way that I've never encountered before. I'm no longer sitting in the dark, afraid to reach out.

What are your future goals in terms of writing?

I plan to keep writing, both short stories and novels, always looking to connect with my readers. Bringing laughter and tears to those who would immerse themselves in my work is the ultimate thrill for me. It is what keeps me breathing.

Bonus Question: If your writing were a musical instrument, what would it be?

Definitely drums. The beat of a heart, the pounding of fear, the light tap of laughter—all pulsating in the rhythm of life.


  1. A label on your strangeness - that's funny, Laura!
    Good interview.

  2. Thank you, Alex! It IS nice to have a label sometimes... :)

    Thank you, John, for interviewing me and not running away in the process!

  3. explanation for your strangeness. Now it all makes sense! Great job Laura, I always love to read your interviews.

  4. Deanne - I'm glad it makes sense now...would you please explain it to me? :)

  5. "I'm happier for having the outlet and my family can now put a label on my strangeness."

    Made me laugh out loud. Several portions of this did. But the best thing you said loud and proud was:

    "....I have complete control and responsibility over content. My readers are the only ones judging my story's worth."

    Amen sister. And you go girl.
    [sorry, I just can't pull that off, but you get my drift...]

    Always a joy to look inside Laura's head. Thanks John.

  6. Karen - You can peek inside my head anytime. *does that sound bawdy?*

  7. Ah, love those beating drums. They bring the wonderful stories from you, Laura. ;)

  8. This is a great interview - I wanted to add that I've met Laura through Twitter and she is one of the kindest and most supportive people in our shared community.

    It goes without saying that I've enjoyed her writing immensely too :)

  9. Marisa - They make me rather loud though...nobody will stand next to me.

    Emma - Thank you! I'll have to work harder on my curmudgeonliness...

  10. Hi Alex, Laura, Deanne, Karen, Marisa, Emma, Tony & Carrie: Thanks everyone for stopping by to enjoy Laura's interview! Quite a turn-out!

    Laura: Thanks so much for participating in Writers Talk! Really enjoyed your interview. & thanks too for the great Twitter & blog pr!

  11. To the first question: I'll bet you get really crazy when you don't have your creative outlet. And the drums - that's a great question and a fascinating answer.

  12. Fantastic interview! I just love Laura to pieces, (Laura, please don't take that literally). :)

  13. Mark - Like I said, it's not pretty. And the drums...they've been there all my life.

    Deanna - If you love me to pieces, I'll donate my eyeballs to you for more recipes... ;)

  14. but the characters grow rather organically from there. They have much to say when I shut up and listen to them
    I love it when an author treats characters like real people and not like puppets to twitch around.

    Great interview.

  15. Laura has the wonderful gifts of both process and humor which she brings to her writing. the care she takes in developing her characters, story lines and pacing is evident in every piece of prose she writes. I'm never disappointed in discovering the gems she leaves for her readers and feel fortunate when I have the opportunity to let her work lighten my burden for a few pleasurable moments.

  16. HKatz - Thank you! I believe that if the characters aren't allow to respond like real people, then they'll be unconvincing to the reader. I just wish they'd take off their Army boots before they kick me...

    Michael - I think you just made me cry. Thank you for your awesomeness. *blinks rapidly*

  17. Hi Tomara, Mark, Deanna, HKatz & Michael: Thanks so much for stopping by to read Laura's interview & taking the time to comment!

  18. Laura and Robert, great interview. Thanks for sharing, your strangeness, motivation, and inspiration Laura, for it does reflect back to us! And we love it.

  19. Hi Erin: Thanks for stopping by--glad you enjoyed the interview!

  20. Erin - Thank you! Your words are special to me, coming from the Queen of Darkness!

  21. Great interview. Hi Laura! I always enjoy learning more about you. Hi to Jezebel :)

  22. Hi, Carol! Thanks for stopping by and Jezebel is thrilled that you remembered her. ;)

  23. Nice interview. I second (or third or fourth) the sentiment that Laura is the kindest, most supportive writer in the online writing community. Her sense of humor is out of this world and her sense of timing impeccable. Love the musical instrument question and answer.

  24. Aw, thank you, Jon! My dark rep is being pummeled here... :)

  25. Great interview, Laura! I can hear your drums very clearly, they resonate within me. :)

  26. Laura is my hero. And Jezebel did not make me say that.

    [Um... we're cool now, right Jezebel?]

  27. Hi Carol, JM, Mari & Tim: Thank you all for stopping by & taking the time to comment on Laura's interview!

    Laura: You sure bring a nice turn-out!

  28. Mari - The drums do resonate and heat up the blood, don't they?

    Tim - Thanks! Uh, Jezebel is cocking her head and has a crazed look in her eye...maybe you ought to lay low for a while longer.

    John - Can you picture me with a lampshade on my head, standing by the side of the highway with a sign pointing toward your site?

  29. Sorry, I'm late to comment here. I really like that you term yourself an "indie" writer. Mind if I adopt that?

    I have three cats too and if people knew how often I talk to them, they'd lock me up!

    Will check you out on your blog and look for you on Twitter too, Laura.


  30. Hi, Kat. Nice to meet you!
    I think the more people who use "indie" the merrier! I adopted it from someone else too.
    I think you're safe unless you mention that your cats talk back...


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