Friday, July 23, 2010

Homegrown Radio 7-23-10

Happy Friday morning!  It’s time for some Homegrown Radio, & we’re back with Sister Exister—today she’s laying down the law to her man—he may not be her man much longer if he doesn’t straighten up & fly right.

I really like this one—the arrangement is so good, & the tenor guitar/bass player player & back-up singer (see below for details) add a lot—of course, being a wayward tenor guitarist myself, I’m partial!  & Sister’s voice sounds fantastic.  Here’s what she has to say about “Not My Man:”

A thing happened: the neck broke off of my one-string bass earlier this week, in an ugly and hard-to-fix way. You can imagine my sadness. Well, my friend Kaley Davis had already volunteered to play some tenor guitar on this recording, so I called her and said, "Can you make a bassline too?" She has a four-string accoustic bass, which is three too many strings for me to even think about. Luckily, she came through, with flying colors. So: the bassline and the two guitar tracks are hers, and I made another friend, Kim Gilhuly, sing some of the ooh-ahhs. Which was fair, cause I'd also made her dinner. I tried to get her to sing the lead vocal, too, but all of a sudden she had to go. We'd had hot dogs for dinner. They were pretty fancy hot dogs, but maybe next time I'll get steaks.



  1. I like how even though the song is laying down the law to her man, there's a gentleness to it, as if she doesn't need to shout and scream at anyone to make her point heard clearly. I enjoyed this; thanks!

  2. Hi HKatz: I've known songs Dani has written over quite a number of years, & I must say this is one of my favorites. Glad you liked it too!

  3. I like it too! Simply stated & well declared.

  4. Hi Lizzy: Thanks! There's such an ease in this song, another thing I like in addition to the overall cool arrangement.


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