Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stop Press Edition – The Days of Wine & Roses Exists!

I didn’t expect to make this announcement this morning—which is being posted both on Robert Frost’s Banjo & The Days of Wine & Roses—but it’s a fact: The Days of Wine & Roses is not simply a blog anymore; it’s also a paperback book that you can own for a mere $10 US: it’s available at this link.

For those who are short on cash, it is available as a free pdf download, & of course the availability of the poems in book form doesn’t mean the end of The Days of Wine & Roses blog: the poems will continue to appear in published order. For those who’ve also followed my more recent poetry on Robert Frost’s Banjo, I should point out that The Days of Wine & Roses only covers poems written in San Francisco between 1990 & 1996, with one “postscript” poem from my Idaho days in 2003. Don’t worry—poems from the last few years will find their way into book form, especially now that I know how easy it is on It’s also free to the author, tho if you want copies of your own work, you do have to pay full price (I’ll be forking over some dollars myself here in the near future!)

Anyway, so happy to share this with you folks. Without your support, I don’t know that this would have happened!


  1. This is very exciting! Good for you John.

  2. Oh my goodness...I just saw that my Triple Hill blog profile page is showing up on your site as my identity. Not sure I like that. hmmm may have to think this all out better

  3. Hi Heather: Thanks! I think there's a way of commenting without using your Google/Blogger identity--I think "OpenID" works for that.

  4. Heartiest congratulations, John. I was wondering, and forgive me if you've already discussed this, but have you ever given any poetry readings?

  5. Hi Jacqueline:

    Yes--I gave quite a lot of readings, both in Charlottesville, VA & also in San Francisco. Thanks!

  6. Congratulations, John! I took a look at the preview, and I must say that the book looks quite professional. I'm excited that it will have poems new to me.

  7. Fabulous, John! I shall order your book as soon as I've settled in at home. Good on ya!

  8. Congratulations! I would guess that the thrill of seeing one's name on a book cover never diminishes.

  9. Hi Sandra & K

    Sandra: Gee, thanks!

    K: Yes, it is fun! Thanks.

  10. Wow, Congratulations, John! This is exciting!! :)

    I'm gonna get a copy soon...

    Will read it, and write in the inside cover (since you can't sign it) "I know this man."

    Then when my daughter's older -- she delights at the thought of someday owning all my books, movies, dolls, etc. -- she'll open it up, and know that I knew you. :)



    So glad you got it published.

    I want to do that, too.

  11. Hi Ginger: I'd love to think of you having a copy! Self-publishing on is really quite easy--I know some folks think there's a stigma to self-publishing, but I figure with poetry, what the hell--even if you go thru the grueling process of getting a book contract, you're not going to make any money to speak of, & since at my age I have no interest in using publication as a stepping stone to an academic career, I don't see the point in that--for me. Hope you do order it & enjoy it!


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